🎮 Where Web3 X Gaming Is Heading? Lesson & Trends from Game Builders

October 27, 2023

5 min

✍🏻 At A Glance

  • Easy Onboarding: Goal is to make Web3 as user-friendly as Web2.

  • Ownership and IP Rights: Balance between user freedom and brand control.

  • Double-Edged Sword: Different games have different rules for NFTs.

  • Role of Big Studios: Act as pioneers and set new business standards.

  • Microservices: Better to use existing solutions than build from scratch


Web3 is no longer just a buzzword; it's the new frontier for the gaming industry. With giants like Square Enix and Atari jumping on the bandwagon, it's clear that blockchain and decentralization are reshaping how we think about games. This blog post aims to summarize some key points from a recent roundtable discussion with experts in the Web3 gaming space, featuring notable quotes that capture the essence of the conversation.

The Transition to Web3

The gaming world is moving towards using Web3, creating a space where players have more control over their assets. But how can we make Web3 gaming as accessible as Web2 gaming? The key lies in simplifying the onboarding process. Web3 needs to be as easy as a fast-food drive-thru while maintaining its unique, quality features.

"How do we transform Web2 gamers to Web3 gamers? The essence... is allowing those easy onboarding steps, right?"

Easy Onboarding

If Web2 gaming is a drive-thru, Web3 gaming has been more like a restaurant that requires a reservation. And let's face it, gamers want their experience to be as easy as ordering fast food. So, what's being done? Companies like Immutable are working on single sign-on options, where gamers can easily create a gaming wallet linked to their Google accounts.

"Think about creating a gaming wallet where you store your playable characters... that wallet can be created very easily by just using your Google single sign-on."

Ownership and IP Rights

One unique aspect of Web3 gaming is the concept of player ownership of in-game assets. However, there's a balance that needs to be struck. Think of it as a famous bakery sharing their secret recipes. On one hand, they're giving something valuable away. On the other, they're also creating a community of bakers who will promote their brand.

"When you give out that IP, you also get in return user-generated content, which adds up to your brand value."

Double-Edged Sword

It's a win-win, but it's also a complex issue. Companies have to decide how much control they're willing to relinquish. Some games are highly restrictive in terms of what players can do with their assets, while others, more in the true spirit of decentralization, are letting players go wild with their NFTs and other digital items.

"We allow the owners to do anything they want with [their NFTs], put it on your T-shirt, print a commercial, whatever. It's yours."

The Role of Big Studios

Big studios entering the space can be gatekeepers, but they can also be pioneers in pushing the industry towards greater adoption of Web3 principles. It's not just about tokenizing in-game assets but reimagining business models. For example, increased liquidity from asset trading can bring new revenue streams to these companies.

Microservices and Third-Party Support

Lastly, a big question remains: Should companies build these solutions themselves or rely on third-party platforms? The consensus seems to lean towards leveraging existing solutions for wallet creation, single sign-ons, and more.

"Yes, you can build it yourself. But building the game, you need to cater to like 20 different people doing different work. So, this work is definitely extra."


Web3 gaming is set to redefine the industry, offering easier onboarding, more player ownership, and new business models. The transition is not without its challenges, but with big studios and tech companies pushing forward, Web3 gaming is poised to become just 'gaming,' the new standard for the industry.

"Web3 gaming is poised to become just 'gaming,' the new standard for the industry."

For all of us in the Web3 community, it's an exciting time, and we look forward to seeing how this all unfolds.